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Blog Posts in November, 2010

  • The Foreclosure Moratorium and the Housing Market Impact on the Economy

    With foreclosure freezes becoming the norm for the big three banks, GMAC/Ally, Bank of America and Chase, you can now also add Litton Loan Servicing and PNC Bank to the mix as additional banks halting their foreclosures to review their procedures. Because of these widespread foresclosure stoppages, many are questioning the impact this will have on the housing market and the broader economy. ...
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  • Attorney Generals Across the Nation are now Investigating the "Foreclosure Mess"

    All Fifty States have now joined forces and have opened an investigation against mortgage servicers and banks conducting foreclosures Nationwide. Being led by Iowa's Attorney General, the group task force is investigating the foreclosure practices at these banks and will review thousands of documents looking for fraudulent statements and fake signatures. The task force's goal is to immediately ...
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