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Blog Posts in October, 2010

  • The Biggest Fraud This Country Has Ever Seen? The Foreclosure Crisis Nightmare Gets Worse!

    There is no escaping this media headline. Nationwide, State Courts have been approving and ratifying tens of thousands of foreclosures sales based upon bogus affidavits and paperwork. These already completed foreclosure actions will inevitably have to be overturned and undone, forcing those lenders that are guilty of this fraud to begin the foreclosure process on the affected properties all over ...
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  • Senator Reid Calls Upon Big Banks to Halt Foreclosures Nationwide

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has called upon all major mortgage lenders pleading with them to stop foreclosure proceedings in all 50 states Friday, after Bank of America announced it was stopping all foreclosure actions until it finishes an internal review of its foreclosure paperwork process. The announcement comes on the heels of GMAC/Ally's disclosure that many of its foreclosure ...
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