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  • Keeping Your Home & Car After Filing for Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is generally seen as a “this-for-that” sort of financial solution. You get rid of pieces of your debt through discharges but you also could lose unprotected assets and pieces of property. For so many people who file for bankruptcy, there are two assets that are more important than any others: vehicles and homes. If you stand to lose your car through your bankruptcy filing, getting to ...
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  • Keeping Property Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Exemptions

    If you have decided that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right solution to your overwhelming debt – hopefully a decision you came to with the assistance of a bankruptcy lawyer – you are probably now wondering what, if anything, you will be able to keep once your bankruptcy is over. This is often the top concern for people entering bankruptcy , and understandably so. No one wants to think about giving ...
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